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  • Niu Li’s lean management learning team visited Yongjian in Jiangmen and Gelang hardware in Heshan

    Industry | 2019-12-28

    With the increasingly fierce industry competition, enterprise competition is attributed to the competition of total operating cost. In order to improve the overall management level of niuli company, niuli company puts forward the lean management concept and implements lean production management. The purpose is to improve personnel efficiency through lean management, achieve cost leadership and achieve the business goal of 2020.
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  • The 126th Canton Fair opened and new products of niuli machinery appeared!

    Industry | 2019-10-17

    On October 15, 2019, the 126th import and Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) opened in Guangzhou. The total exhibition area of this Canton Fair is 1185000 square meters, with a total of 60676 booths and 25642 exhibitors at home and abroad.
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  • Niuli machinery "perfect ending" phase I of the 125th Canton Fair!

    Industry | 2019-4-22

    From April 15 to 19, the first phase of the 125th Canton Fair ended in Guangzhou. It is reported that the exhibition covers a total area of 1185000 square meters, a total of 60651 booths and 25500 exhibitors. A total of about 200000 overseas purchasers from more than 210 countries and regions attended.
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  • [overseas news] Niu Li appears at the 7th Mexico China Investment Fair

    Industry | 2018-11-7

    On November 6, 2018, the 7th Mexico China Investment Fair was grandly held in Mexico City Expo Santa Fe Mexico (Expo Bancomer Santa Fe). Mexico China investment and Trade Fair has been successfully held for six times and has become an influential Fair held by China in Mexico. Since the fair was held in 2012, it has received strong support from the Chinese Embassy in Mexico, Mexico City, Durango state, Mexican Federal Power Commission and domestic provincial and municipal competent commercial departments.
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  • [Focus] Niu Li appears at 2017 China Russia Expo

    Industry | 2017-6-17

    From June 15 to June 19, 2017, the fourth China Russia Expo and the 28th Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the people‘s Republic of China, the people‘s Government of Heilongjiang Province, the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation were grandly held.
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  • NIULI Won The Prize In Technology Innovation Competition

    Industry | 2015-12-22

    The competition is divided into two groups: invention and innovation and industrial design. It is conducted by means of on-site report and defense. Participating enterprises need to explain their innovative products, innovation and entrepreneurship plans and ideas to the review experts in the form of PPT within 5 minutes. In 3 minutes, the expert group will put forward questions and evaluation opinions on the participating projects, and the participants will answer them on site.
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  • NIULI good reputation in Spring Canton Fair

    Industry | 2014-4-24

    On April 19, the 115th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Spring Fair) ended in Guangzhou. Niu Li attended the Canton Fair with many storage and handling equipment products to show the corporate brand image and innovative products to buyers from all over the world.
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